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Vektor - Terminal Redux


Over the course of the decade, Vektor has been able to modernize classic ‘80s thrash, combining it with early black metal vocal elements and progressive musicianship that retains enough rawness to its sound to entice any true metal fan at heart.  The group also manages to never keep the same tempo from song to song, a key element in making the replay value of Vektor’s latest technical outburst smash through the roof.  They truly are a group who never lets up.  The tremolo flurry on “LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)” is but one example on how remaining motionless throughout the listening process is impossible, unless you count “Mountains Above the Sun,” the interlude that follows.  Yet, even that number can’t go the full 82 seconds without a charging beat leading into yet another chaotic, frenzied piece destined to cause the cerebellum to go into overdrive.  Buckle up.

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