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Gord Downie - Introduce Yerself

When an entire nation mourns an entertainer, their impact on the collective consciousness of their fellow citizens becomes incalculable. Gord Downie’s passing after a long battle with brain cancer has left a void in Canadian music. And yet, he never complained. Even after a final concert in his hometown of Kingston, Ontario, which drew the attention of one-third of Canada’s population, Gord still wanted to make music. Many of these songs were first takes, which adds to his sincerity (and, perhaps to a different extent, frailty). With no certainty when his last day would come, he went back into the studio. He claimed that each one was about a certain person in his life. Of particular note, the title track is highly relatable, for we’ve all encountered people who have changed our lives without ever catching their name. Gord Downie defines strength, perseverance, determination and patriotism. Canada will not be the same without him.

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