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Lydia Loveless - Real

There often comes a time where an artist has matured and attained the proficiency to truly make their work art. Such is the case with Lydia's fourth LP, where her alt-country roots that have always provided a down home atmosphere have become but one facet of her multi-talented craft by this point. 'Real' is the most appropriate title possible for this release, because it's plainly evident that she has established one of the most uniquely honest identities in music today. She can do what she wants, and if that entails showing off her exceptional vocals and songwriting prowess, mission accomplished. Following her catalogue over the last six years, she has taken her presence in front of a microphone to ever-expanding heights. The jangly guitars shimmer, there is the right amount of reverb in all the right places, and the perfect blend of modern and retro aesthetics emanates from the speakers to add yet another element of dynamism to the record. “Real” is just that; a sonic canvas painted with a multitude of Lydia’s ideas that represent her tremendous artistic progress.

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