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Ulcerate - Shrines of Paralysis

What we have here is a test of endurance.  A metal group that has somehow managed to simultaneously employ multiple, disparate subgenres in their music and make it work.  The endurance aspect of this listening experience is being able to believe your own ears at how WELL this works. Unfathomable blast beats, atmospheric sludge backdrops, and to top it off, an assault of some of the most vicious brutal death vocals ever recorded.  Paul Kelland, who is prominently featured in the mix, is automatically that much more skilled as a musician considering he doubles as the group’s bassist, therefore keeping the rhythm as heavy as possible when working with drummer Jamie Saint-Merat who is the true backbone of the group, stopping on a dime to signal multiple time changes within each song.  Once again, this all needs to be heard to be believed, and even after racing through this hour-long sonic wildfire, one wonders just how on Earth they did it.

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