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Elizabeth Cook - Exodus of Venus

Though it has been six years since her last full length album, Elizabeth Cook has remained busy in the interim, releasing an EP, Gospel Plow, in 2012, and a 2-track tribute to Townes van Zandt alongside Jason Isbell the following year, with constant touring throughout.  That said, though she never experienced a dull moment in her schedule, that doesn’t change the fact that this record is by far her edgiest yet. Her vocals are stronger than they’ve ever been, complimenting her excellent, no-holds-barred songwriting. The production is slick, yet raw, which is honestly the best of both worlds in modern country music. Just as one example, double-tracking works to her advantage on “Evacuation,” the third cut on the album. To sum it up, the overall tone of the LP tells the listener Elizabeth Cook means business, and that she’s back in a big way.

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