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Aaron Lee Tasjan - Silver Tears

This guy makes no mistake in telling you how he feels about travelling.  Whether his stories are about meeting rednecks, multiple stops in his adopted home state of Tennessee, or his admiration for Hootie and the Blowfish, Aaron has a way with words that you simply cannot teach a country songwriter.  Add to his remarkable tales bordering on modern Midwestern folklore, is his uncanny way to channel the likes of Harry Nilsson, David Bowie, Rodney Crowell, and Tom Petty all in a span of three-quarters of an hour.  Furthermore, he belts a mean blues cut, “Ready to Die,” with enough force to knock his listener out of their chair. Versatility like this at such precision is incredibly hard to find, and though Aaron rocks a cowboy hat and incredible suit to match his sharp lyricism, don’t pigeonhole him as a country dude.  This collection of awesomeness makes “genre” an afterthought. 

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