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Ms. Lynn's latest release has, incredibly, proven to be an even greater achievement than its predecessor. Her uncanny ability to revisit some of her early songs like "Whispering Sea" and "Fist City," as well as introduce newly-penned tracks that are as full of autobiographical sincerity as any of her previous achievements is simply too much to cast aside. The closing tune, accompanied by none other than Willie Nelson, only adds to the poignancy of the album. Perhaps one of the most instantly noticeable qualities on "Full Circle" is its modern production. Not to dismiss Jack White's trademark lo-fi work work with her previous, Grammy-winning effort, "Van Lear Rose," but this 180 helps push her unmistakable (and, frankly at over five decades in the business, ageless) vocals to the forefront, thus further displaying this sincerity. To summarize, all of these points combined make "Full Circle" the biggest breath of fresh air in country music in the last decade.

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