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Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition

This release is a powerful testament to rejuvenation.  Where Danny Brown’s earlier catalogue showed promise, they occasionally showed a lack of insight and/or repetitive lyrics.  Still, the key word here is ‘promise,’ and for an artist to continue to grow throughout his career, and ultimately releasing his best material at 35 is totally unprecedented in the genre.  The subject matter isn’t nearly as abrasive as his previously hardcore-centric albums; 2016 showcased multiple new dimensions to his repertoire, and having B-Real as well as Kendrick Lamar on the record displays his generational reach as an artist.  Brown’s age is right in the middle, having been able to gain an appreciation for Cypress Hill, and still young enough to give praise to Lamar’s rise as one of the best rappers of all time.  The slower, old-school production also adds to the experience, as the ability for the listener to maintain a reflective mindset is a key in great hip-hop.

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